Why choose us?

  • Location

    The building is conveniently located a three minute walk from Marymount MRT.

  • Car Park Lots

    For those who drive their own cars, there are parking lots within Mapex building as well as URA parking lots along the road.

  • In-Premise Washroom

    There is one restroom within our premise and another one outside of our premise for public use. 

  • Accessibility

    The space is accessible to all, including those who have limited mobility or with wheelchairs.

  • Open Interactive Area

    There is an open area just outside of the premise that can be used for interactions between participants during events.

  • Lightings

    The space is brightly and adequately lighted with separate switch for the front section, the middle section and the back section to enable dimming when presentation projection is on.

  • No Obstruction of View

    The space is free of structures such as posts or pillars that may obstruct participants’ views.

  • No Distraction

    The distraction to the trainer or the class is reduced due to the front of the room is facing the participants and the entry/exit door is at the back of the room.

  • Sound System

    The sound system is professionally designed for the sound to be evenly delivered to every part of the room with little sound distortion and variation in volume regardless of sitting position.

  • Size and Layout

    The size of the space is a square 616 sq ft. It allows participants to move freely, and for the set up of the sessions to be suitably spaced out or grouped close for a warm and friendly setting.

  • Spaciousness

    It comes with a 3.5 m high ceiling giving a sense of spaciousness.

  • 250 Mbps Internet Wifi

    A superfast internet connection for wifi is provided.

Seating Arrangements

Seminar style

60 Pax

classroom style

24 Pax

U shape style-1

26 Pax